Wednesday, November 2, 2011

MUS - Day 1 - 3

This is where the piece goes from ROUGH SKETCH to actually becoming an ORIGINAL PAINTING:

I sized it to be  -  80" x 42"

MUS Campus - sketch

So over the course of 3 days I re-scaled the image to fit the 80" x 42" and began sketching it in using vine charcoal....

Friday, October 28, 2011

Project: MUS

My Newest Project and Challenge is to capture the  
MUS Campus 
on Canvas......

Here are a few of the Reference Pics that I am using in the piece.

Hyde Library



Campus Center - Rear View

MUS Admin.

The Campus is so massive and spread out, to capture it all - or atleast most of it - I decided to do a Contemporary - Folk Art - Landscape Rendition.

After a few very rough sketches, this is what I came up with.....


Monday, October 24, 2011

New 16" x 20" Originals - Memphis & New Orleans

These are 4 New 16" x 20" Originals of Memphis Scenes: 
(Acrylic on Canvas)

Currently at:

Midtown Framer & Art
1523 Union Ave.

'Beale Street #8'

'Orpheum Theatre #3'

'Earnestine & Hazel's  #7'

'Rendezvous Alley  # 8'

These 2 for New Orleans will be delivered to BEE Galleries in the French Quarter next month:

'Cafe du Monde  #3'

'SuperDome #2'

And this one I'm keeping on hand to go into an Xmas exhibit I'm piecing together:

'Main Street Trolley & Orpheum Theatre'

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Nicole & Rob Levine Wedding

Last month during Labor Day Weekend, I had the distinct honor of capturing Nicole & Rob Levine's Wedding on Canvas at MingleWood Hall in Midtown:

The entire painting was done during the day and as the reception (with a few touch ups and varnishing a couple of days after). 

The Wedding took place on the left side of me & the curtain, so as the  ceremony went on I began roughing out the wedding Staging and combining it with the Reception and Stage area before the guest arrived.

Right before the Reception began I changed clothes (shorts and polo shirt do not go over well at a Wedding).  

I began filling in details and the people that were involved in the wedding. 



Wednesday, August 10, 2011

'80 MONROE' - updated

This is where I left it before I began working on the 'AutoZone Park' Painting:

So as I took a loooong, hard look at it as I worked on the other piece, I wanted to figure out a direction for it.  It DEFINITELY needs to be more vibrant, so I did some tweeking just to get a feel.  Somehow, I always wind up playing with shadows and windows.....

Although, it is now starting to have an appearance of dimension to it, I want it to really POP!  so, I think I will try a couple of different techniques and see what happens....

Monday, July 25, 2011

'AutoZone Park' - Part 2

Now the FUN stuff..... COLORING!!

The client wanted the piece toned down a bit, so I went with a more traditional palette... 

Next, I start adding more detail and enhancing the colors to see what will work.