Monday, February 28, 2011

Waterlilies #1 & #2 - Redux

 'Waterlilies #1'
'Waterlilies #2'

These 2 pieces are just to show that EVERYTHING doesn't always turn out great!  

Here we have 2 prime specimens of an idea gone wrong.  I wanted to a common scene - waterlilies - and do more than just blues and greens so I went with the purple reds of the evening sky and the orange yellows of the morning sky.  Well, can you say 'bright'!  

This is not to say I didn't try to market them, they sat at 2 different galleries over a course of 6 months.... everyone liked them, but the common saying was that 'this wasn't Florida' where every home is decorated in these colors.  And, the other thing was that they were large... 60" x 48" (5ft. x 4ft.).  

So, now they are back in the studio and I'm going to do something different to them - although I haven't quite figured out what.  If you have any suggestions, please forward them on.

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