Tuesday, June 21, 2011

" 80 MONROE "

The NEWEST Project/Painting is now on deck..... or on the Easel as they say!

It all started one day late last year when I was downtown in a boardroom on the 5th floor signing prints and happened to look out the window and couldn't help but notice the Fantastic architecture and crazy angles that you get once you are looking DOWN instead of UP at these buildings.  

The challenge is 'how' to take all that you can see and create a painting that can stand on it's own.  

So with some help from a friend (Thanks Michelle!) I used some photos as reference material and started sketching.....

This is the photo I chose to work from:  

'80 Monore'

So I took this and after a few rough sketches came up with this image:

Then I took this image and transfered it to a 40" x 30" sized canvas:

So this is the starting point.....

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